Video Genesis Review

Recently Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime launched their Video Genesis product using a number of prelaunch videos. Plus, the most important part is they priced the product under $300. Quite impressive. Priced for the masses, but is it for the masses? No question about if Andy knows video or not. He’s film school trained, has […]

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WordPress Plugin To Limit Login Attempts

You might feel that by having the correct user name that you are protected from hackers. But that’s not quite true. Watch my short video to see how adding a simple WordPress plugin will keep from allowing hackers to use up your site’s bandwidth and slow your site’s response time.   When you have a […]

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Change WordPress User Name From Admin

Most of us use Fantastico to install our WordPress scripts to our server. Unfortunately Fantastico uses “admin” for the user name. Watch my short video to see how you can change your user name from “admin” to anything you want using just one WordPress plugin.   Fantastico is a great time saving tool since it […]

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WordPress Protection

One of the prices we pay for having websites online is that hackers will try to destroy what you have built. Watch my short video to see how I’m added protection to my sites and how you can too.   WordPress was originally written to help people create simple blogs for their own websites. Since […]

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Overcoming Your Roadblock

One of the easiest ways I know of to get yourself moving is to start doing something… no matter how small. Watch my short video to see what I mean by being in motion. The roadblock that stops businesses all the time is… Inertia. I know I experience it and you probably do to. So […]

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Da Button Factory

Want to create any type of “button” for your website without having to have a drawing program? And do it for free? I just found a free service online that allows you to make great looking buttons for downloads, buy buttons, clinck here buttons. What you use the buttons for is up to you. In […]

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Match Your Image Colors

Recently I found a free tool that lets you match the colors in any image and give you five colors that you can use to match your image. You even get the hexadecimal code for those colors so you don’t even have to guess. And did I say it’s a free tool? Here’s a quick […]

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Only You Can Stop Success

Today I saw a simple video showing some of the people who we associate with big success… and how they had to overcome adversity to reach what we consider success. And while this list is impressive, in the past I’ve seen how many others overcame limitations that most of us consider enough to prove we […]

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Add Hyperlinks to Word

One of the most powerful features of any Microsoft Word document is to be able to add hyperlinks and embed them directly in your document. However, some time ago I learned that not everyone knew how to embed those hyperlinks easily. So I made a simple video and found that it was the most watched […]

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Where Is Your Acres of Diamonds?

Have you ever heard or read the story about “Acres of Diamonds”? If not the basic story is that a farmer sold his farm so he could go out looking for diamonds. He ended up broke. Meanwhile, the farm he sold turned out to have more diamonds than just about any other diamond mine in […]

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The Dish Salesperson Said This

Make sure you correctly define your business… that’s one of the strongest message I learned at MBA School. Too often we limit our business by incorrectly defining what business we are in. Here’s an example. A few days ago I got a call from a telemarketer trying to sell me on changing over to the […]

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Use This To Secure Your WordPress Blog

Today I finally did something to secure my blogs. Like so many others I just used “admin” for my user plus my password. Except everyone uses “admin”… and the hackers do know that. So all they need to get into your blog is the password. And most of us are not too clever with coming […]

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Long Life Means More Money

The experts are now saying that to live a long and useful life we need to “move it”. Actually from my experience no matter what your age you need to move it. And while each of us are unique and we react to exercise (and eating) differently, most people can get serious benefits by some […]

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Don’t Use Adobe as a Guide

One of the first serious programs I got with my Mac Plus years ago was Adobe’s PageMaker. I loved that program and used it to create a number of books for the workshops I was doing. It was low cost, did a great job, and produced a great looking book. I got a number of […]

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Steve Jobs: ‘Just Do What’s Right’

According to Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, Steve Jobs last words of advice to him (Cook) was to “never ask what he (Jobs) would do. ‘Just do what’s right,’” What a great piece of advice for all of the corporate leaders and for anyone building their own business… be it a “brick and […]

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